BBO Online Regional Event

Saturday, June 1st – 10:15am & 2:15pm ET

Can’t make it to the Palm Beach Gardens Regional?
Then come play in our BBO Online Regional event from your home!

Florida Unit 128 is hosting a special online Regional event open for District 9 members only.
To find this game, log into BBO on the day of the event then click on ACBL World. Look for District 9 Regional.
We will have Gold Rush, Mid-Flight and Open pairs. This is a 2-session event – 10:15am and 2:15pm ET.
You must play in both sessions. All sessions will be 24 boards. The cost is 20 BB$ per player.

Saturday, June 1st – 10:15am & 2:15pm ET

A/X Open Pairs: 5000+/0-5000
B/C Mid-Flight Pairs: 1500-3500/0-1500
Gold Rush: 500-750/300-500/0-300

Card Fee: $20/player/session (Open to members of District 9 only)
Stratification based on average number of masterpoints by the partnership.
Both players must be under 750 masterpoints for the Gold Rush and under 3500 masterpoints for Mid-Flight.

Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to register for our online Regional event.

Frequently asked questions:
Q. Can I play with someone that is not from District 9?
A. Unfortunately, both members must be from District 9 (state of Florida).

Q. I am a snowbird and I have a residence in District 9, can I play?
A. You must be a current member of District 9. You can check your District number by logging on to myACBL from the ACBL homepage.

Q. Can I play in only one session?
A. No. These are 2-session events and unfortunately, we do not allow single session entries.

Q. When can I register?
A. Registration opens 24 hours before the event. Both players must be logged into BBO to register.

Q. How can I get a partner?
A. Add your name to the online Partnership Desk on BBO.  The event will show up in “ACBL World” on BBO 24 hours before gametime.

If you need additional information, please contact Jesse Laird, Director-In-Charge,