99’ers Nite Club East

How To Sign Up

To enroll, email your authorization to help@bridgefinesse.com.

Subject line:  D9 MP Limit Club
Include your Club#
Desired Day-of-Week (e.g Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday…) participation

Note: While some clubs are adding players one by one, that is not necessary.
Just use the Club (not Player) enrollment option and we will automatically enroll all of their 0-100 players.

  1. Between 5pm and 6:45pm EST, log into com
  2. Under Play or Watch Bridge, Click on Competitive
  3. Select ACBL Virtual Clubs
  4. Look for District 9; 99’ers Invitational Game
  5. You will be able to register 2 hours before the game
  6. Space is limited so register early