99’ers Nite Club East

Questions & Answers

What is the program?
We feel that 99’ers deserve a nice place to play. Initially, the game was launched in mid-July 2020, with the addition of sessions in 2022 for 199’ers, as well.

When are games offered?
99’er games start at 7:00pm EST (Monday- Sunday), 199’er games at 7:05pm EST every evening.  Players who are late registering for the 7:00pm game are welcome at 7:05pm. All games are stratified.

What are the table fees?
The entry fee per game is usually $6.00 but may be raised for special ACBL games to cover the extra sanction fees. Special games are announced in advance.

How many boards are played and how long is the session?
Usually, the game has 12 boards allowing eight minutes per board for 99’ers and 7 minutes per board for 199’ers. Please note if all tables are finished early, players move on to the next round.

What other offerings comprise the program?
Lynn Berg posts a mini lesson on Lynn’s Corner four mornings a week (Monday-Thursday). This is followed up with a 20-minute Zoom lesson on the same topic in the evening at 6:30pm Monday-Thursday.  Players may contact Lynn to suggest topics to be covered or hands they would like analyzed, either through Chat on BBO or by email lynn7ntxx@icloud.com.

Who can play?
99’ers and 199’ers whose clubs within the participating districts have enrolled.  Also, new ACBL members who are not affiliated with any club. Only players with ACBL numbers are permitted to play in limited games.

What about guests and visitors?

Guests and visitors are handled on a case-by-case basis by the Host who usually available on BBO for two hours before game time. Simply, contact the host through Chat on BBO.

How do I enroll?
To enroll, email your authorization to help@bridgefinesse.com.
Subject line:  D9 MP Limit Club
Include your Club#
Desired Day-of-Week (e.g Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday…) participation

Note: While some clubs are adding players one by one, that is not necessary. Just use the Club (not Player) enrollment option and we will automatically enroll all of their 0-100 players.

 How do I play?

  1. Between 5pm and 6:45pm EST, log into com
  2. Under Play or Watch Bridge, Click on Competitive
  3. Select ACBL Virtual Clubs
  4. Look for District 9; 99’ers Invitational Game
  5. You will be able to register 2 hours before the game
  6. Space is limited so register early

Need a partner?
Click on Partnership Desk at the top of the D9 Limited Invitational game page.
Add your name to the list (button is below), so others can find you OR pick a partner from the existing list and INVITE them to pair with you.

Additional Questions
Any questions contact: help@bridgefinesse.com
The game Director is on BBO before game time to answer questions and help with connection challenges.