Jeff OverbyWe all owe a great deal of thanks to Jay N Whipple III, who is just completing six years as our District 9 Director to the National Board. He has continuously made himself available to help me get up to speed as your new District 9 Director.

After attending my first Board meeting in Las Vegas (as a non-voting member), I can tell you the amount of work your National
Board considers is truly impressive. In addition to the Board meetings that last all day for at least four days, there are committee meetings and homework in order to be ready for the issues that come before the Board.
I’ve just returned from the meetings in San Francisco, and unfortunately this issue of the SBN went to press before the meetings, so I can’t report on what transpired, but I will try to post an update on the District 9 Website.

After serving over 45 years of volunteering around Bridge in Florida, I am looking forward to the challenges ahead and hope you will help me with your suggestions and ideas how we can all improve Bridge. Please don’t hesitate to share your questions, suggestions, and concerns.
As a National Director, I am not permitted, under the ACBL regulations, to continue as Chair of the 2020 NABC in Tampa. Thankfully, Betty Sandifer, President of Unit 128 and past District 9 President, has agreed to take on this very important role. Please help her, her talented Co-Chairs, and the many dedicated volunteers to make this an incredible North American Championships.