I remain amazed at how many similarities there are between bridge and golf; more on that later. As a freshly anointed Life Master (on the 500-point train no less}, I remember how it all started: filling in at the bridge table at 7 years old. They must have been desperate, as my older sister had already been drafted (no Netflix back then!). Almost everyone in my family played bridge: grandmothers, great Aunts, parents, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins (one of which has achieved his Golf Life Master). Yes, it was “kitchen bridge” and you dared not open unless you had 13 points. Somehow, I grew to love the game so much that I played by myself in the cool basement on hot, muggy summer New England days. I TRIED to play all positions fairly but no doubt I developed some really bad habits. Where was The Bridge Baron when you needed him?

Fast forward to 15 years ago when friends at our Colorado golf club introduced me to “duplicate” bridge After freaking out, I bought “Bridge for Dummies” and a Kitchen Store to keep me out of trouble. Thanks to Robert Todd, who came to Aspen regularly, a whole new bridge world emerged. When we moved to Florida part-time, bridge games were plentiful, so I dove in headfirst. Thanks to another great teacher, Adam Parrish, and the virtues of Online Bridge, I became addicted.

Back to golf similarities: the first board/hole is as important as the last/hole. You must forget about that bad board/shot and focus on the next. Both games require discipline, a “plan/pre-shot routine” and both have brought me to tears (women are wont to be like that!). I am appreciative of all the mentors I have had who selflessly gave up their bragging rights to play with me, as well as the many supportive friends and partners along the way