In My Life

It was very early Monday morning, much like every other Monday morning when I fired up my computer to check my emails. To my surprise, there was one congratulating me on becoming a Gold Life Master – but I hadn’t realized that I had reached that level. Still there it was, in today’s form of black and white, and suddenly I felt differently. For many years bridge had been an important and time-consuming part of my life. That was back when I lived in Sarasota, directed the Intercity Bridge Club games, earned my teaching credentials which I used as a bridge instructor for the Sarasota County Adult Education Program, played in all the tournaments I could get to and not just in Florida. And yes, even Nationals were on the agenda. I became active in the formation and development of Unit 109, a kind of offshoot of unit 128, and I certainly felt that I had something to give to bridge and was carrying out that purpose. But then, bridge was giving a great deal to me as well. Most of my friends were bridge players and the dedication to developing our skills was particularly important in our relationships. Although I had become a real estate broker (doesn’t every northern transplant go into real estate?), had my own office and a fairly active business, the game of bridge pretty much took precedence over everything else, particularly after my husband died. I was very proud when I became a Silver Life Master, but certainly never expected to reach the gold level.
Over the years. I had become very much aware how bridge involved many of the senior citizens in our area. It seemed that everyone understood the value of the game in keeping our minds active and alert. Then suddenly everything changed. I’m not sure why, except that I moved to Bradenton and then to Tampa to be closer to my family and my work and life seemed to go in other directions-until about a year ago,
During my “less bridge” period, I managed to write eight novels, one short story and a very complete and well researched family history. Yet bridge was not totally off of my mind since two of my novels – Murder on Cape Cod and A Director Dies – take place at bridge tournaments. They were such fun to write and managed to keep bridge in my life, Unbeknownst to me 😊, I had actually been getting older and physically less active , pushing 85, and somehow the thought of playing bridge again began to take shape, especially after I discovered Bridge Base Online. I began playing just occasionally but as the pandemic restrictions grew, I found BBO taking up a large part of each day. I played in as many online tournaments as possible and slowly began accumulating additional master points. The expense was more than I’d expected (living on Social Security does limit things), but I was hooked again, and the result is that I have now reached a level that not so long ago seemed unattainable.

I am a Gold Life Master – and damn proud of it!