I am pleased and honored to earn this Junior Master Status from the ACBL. I appreciate your letter of congratulations as well to notify me of my new status. I am very humbled as I know I have much to learn about bridge. My husband and I retired and moved to Panama City Beach about 7 years ago. I was playing social bridge back in Georgia for about 10 years before moving to Florida. I met other bridge enthusiasts here and found many opportunities to take lessons. I initially took Bridge lessons through the local college’s Encore program. I was playing at least twice a week with my groups, and we then started taking lessons with Armand Grassi, a local bridge instructor, in January 2020.

After the COVID lockdown, I began playing bridge online via BBO with many of my local bridge-playing friends. Most of us are seniors and are wary of going out. We reached out to Armand about continuing lessons online, and he agreed. Armand goes online with my group of four ladies every week for online lessons. Armand has proved to be a wonderful online teacher. He’s very patient, encouraging, and attentive to our needs as he teaches the very latest in contract bridge conventions. We do a conference call in order to talk with each other. We all enjoy it so much and believe that online bridge playing through BBO to be one of things that has helped us stay positive and active during this very difficult time. We all truly appreciate the ACBL and the BBO website for its many opportunities to play bridge.