I met my future wife in 1966 at Duke University where we were both students. She taught me how to play bridge and we played socially with our college friends. We married in 1969 after graduating and moved to my hometown, Lancaster, PA. We wanted to continue playing bridge, so we joined the local duplicate bridge club there. We played as partners for several years, going to games in the local area, sectionals, regionals, and two nationals. Our daughter was born in 1971 and the new baby slowed down our competitive bridge playing. In 1972, we moved to the Washington, DC suburbs, had a second child and competitive bridge came to a crashing halt. We didn’t play competitively again until we took early retirement in 2003. I was into golf at the time, so my wife was more interested in playing bridge than I was. We would play together competitively about once a year when we visited her father in Florida. In 2007, we moved to Florida. Again, she was more interested in bridge than I was, so she found several partners and started playing competitively again. Flash forward to 2020 and the corona-virus crisis hit along with the stay at home orders. A good friend of ours (who happens to be a director) told us that we should look into online bridge and virtual clubs to help pass the time. We did and we got hooked immediately. We have been playing together as partners again multiple times a week. We are both very hopeful that online bridge and virtual clubs will continue long after the corona-virus crisis ends. Thank you for providing such a great way to pass the time and thanks again for your congratulations.
Steve Stark