I began playing bridge when I was 12 years old as a substitute at my mother’s ladies bridge group when one of the ladies was late for the monthly game. I enjoyed bridge for the next 60 years but played in very few competitive games. About 3 and half years ago I started playing in a small game in Highland, Michigan and did okay. Two years ago I wanted to play more so I started playing in Troy, Michigan (my summer home) at a local game. The director, Shirley, set me up with a few unacceptable partners and I became very discouraged and decided to find another hobby. In early June, Shirley called and pleaded, “Please Pat, try one more time, I have a partner for you that I think will work out well.” I agreed to try one more time. The partner she found for me was Richard Verhelle. Rich and I came in first overall, the first time we played in Troy, so we continued the rest of the summer on Mondays. At the end of August we played in our first tournament and did well. As we were leaving the tournament we talked about personal matters for the first time, ever. I knew nothing about him except his name. We found out that neither were married, Rich was a widower and I was divorced. We continued to play bridge and also started dating and we are now engaged.

In the less than two years Rich and I have been together playing bridge we have accumulated a lot of points. We travel to different places to join tournaments and see new areas of the country. During the Covid 19 crisis we have accumulated a lot of points at BBO. We love bridge and we love each other so we are getting married. A wedding was planned for June 13, 2020 but because of virus has been postponed.