I doubt that the story of my long journey to this rank will inspire many, but here it is. Almost all my life (my parents propped me up on a pillow to be the fourth in some of their games before I was ten years old), I have been playing some sort of party bridge and I’ve always enjoyed the game. Then in the mid-1980’s I lived in Bermuda for a couple of years and was lucky to get some good lessons and begin playing Duplicate Bridge. That was when I realized that I truly love bridge. However, after returning home I no longer had the opportunity to play duplicate, although I did keep up party bridge on and off. I now live in a retirement community in Sarasota where there is a lot of party bridge and one small duplicate game a week. Last fall the woman who is now my partner invited me to join her on a Larry Cohen bridge cruise. That was wonderful and my love for (addiction to?) duplicate was rekindled. We continue to develop our partnership and to play as much as we can at clubs and the past few months, of course, on BBO. My partner is very close to Life Master, so that has been our goal (two silver points to go). Since I have played so little in my life I never thought of my advancing, hence my surprise as well as delight to get your note. We both look forward to playing a lot more and have no suggestions to offer you for improvement of our bridge experience except that you continue offering the opportunity to play a lot of duplicate. Sincerely, Lorna Hard.