Becoming a “Life Master” has been a huge goal for me.
I told me husband, Lou, if I every achieved this level, I wanted a party. I have never wanted a birthday or anniversary party but this achievement was significant enough to warrant a celebration.

I began taking bridge classes in 2006, and played social bridge for many years but felt it wasn’t challenging enough. When I began to play duplicate, I was fearful I was not good enough to compete. But then after getting some master points I was hooked.
In 2017, when I went to my first tournament I got my first gold point. This success made me feel that maybe “I can do this!” . I had various partners lined up for both local and out of town tournaments. When, I didn’t have anyone my husband volunteered.

My bridge mentor and teacher Martin Bruin, from Shore Bridge Club in Northfield NJ, gave me some excellent advice – “Tell your partner in a neutral territory of any bidding snafus and not at the bridge table”.

I have met so many wonderful people that have become my friends.During this Covid-19 Pandemic, playing Bridge saved my sanity. I love this game, but to me it is not just a game but a sport.

My next Bridge goal is not far behind. My husband, knows he owes me a party, when this crises is over.

Donna Greenberg