I have totally enjoyed playing online with the current health situation keeping even private games in check.

I just recently returned to the game which I fell in love with in college but never really played again after graduating. I stayed connected to the game with books and bridge columns and was shocked to see how much the game had evolved in the 45 intervening years. I was fortunate enough to run into a group of avid social players who would get up to 6 tables playing three times a week after I retired and have been playing as much as possible in the past two years. I love the game and will play it as much as possible until I can’t get to a table again!

I don’t have enough experience with the online game to make any recommendations. I find it easy to navigate although I’m still in the learning process.

I’ve attached my picture if you want to use it. Don’t laugh or throw darts! Thank you so much for reaching out!
Charlie Torres