I couldn’t have reach my goal about a year sooner. Because of all my many partners over the years
I call myself “Lesser Partner and Club Ace Sr.”
My district 9 partners have been many By name I only know by first name, Mina, Resa, Ken, Larry and others.
I play a different card and conventions with each
I like keeping my mind active
I was first taught Italian Blue Team Club, followed by Precision, Roth-Stone then Standard American.
I won my first points play in B, Bunny section at IBM room, while at SUNY at Binghamton University. At they game I opened a Big Club 1c and got to 6SX. The leader lead the Ace of clubs and I ruffed it They called the Director, because I opened 1c with a Void. After telling the director she said. “You can’t play that in the beginner’s game, you have to play.” She explained what it was.
We never opened 1 Major with five and 4 Diamonds with ability to reverse. We went on to win and get a white sleep with a 4 on it
I went back to my bridge teacher and said. “I’ll reach 350 MPs in no time at all, if I can get 4 MPs for 5th
My teacher said. “That’s not 4 that’s 0.04 MPs.”
“I guess it will take a little bit longer than I thought.”
My system Rosenblum or Revised Modified Cappelletti were X replaces 2c bid for long minor or Major plus a minor and 2c for minors. In my system you can end up in 2c plus can bid 2c for minors with 9+ in minors and wouldn’t risk bidding 2NT with 5, 5 in minors.
I reached my goal a year sooner, because of the Corona Virus and BBO, BridgeBase Online
Again thanks all belonging to Ft. Lauderdale Bridge Club. It’s truly a friendly club.
I’m in a wheelchair and they I’ve helped me a lot.
I talk to beginners and they come to me with questions. I taught absolute beginners to seniors at Rockland Community College in NYS
Allan Rosenblum