Jan Lazar – Life Master
I started playing duplicate with my primary partner Susan Gaynor. I had never really had any formal bridge lessons until she and I started playing. Since we started playing just after the new life master requirements went in to effect, I had no goal to become a life master as I thought the doubling of gold and red point requirements were excessive. I knew my bridge would be local as my husband Jerry doesn’t play. However, Susan and I were asked to play Swiss teams with some other players we met who were beginners as well. We did well but Susan decided it was more bridge than she cared to play. At the point, Ann Rhode asked me to play in a Pro-Am. We did well. Then she and I teamed up with Mary Jo and Joe Zaksas for a number of Swiss team events. We did very well which resulted in lots of gold and red, ending with Mary Jo and I playing one day at Laurel Oak, winning that game and me getting the last point to put me over 500 days before the corona-virus shut down all the club games.

Jan Lazar