Bridge is a wonderful game. It challenges the mind and presents good social opportunities. So, I decided to approach in earnest.
Early on, September 2017, I learned about Larry Cohen. His books and articles have been my guide ever since.
Because I was paying attention and learning quickly, I attracted some excellent partners. We prospered together.
The Staff at the Naples Bridge Center, Unit 128, have been very helpful. The lessons are excellent, and there are 13 games every week.
I have been told that I have good card sense. I am not sure how I got that, or how to teach that, but card sense is central to good Bridge.
My partner, John Piljan, and I will be representing District 9 at the Nationals in Columbus for the North American Pairs Championships.
Thanks to the ACBL for the fun ride.
Frank Zeman, NABC Master, Naples, FL
Frank Zeman