My wife and I decided to try duplicate bridge two years ago.
I had played “beer” bridge in college many years ago, but had played rarely since.
My wife had shown some interest and when we moved to the John’s Island Club in Vero Beach, FL we found that they had a very active bridge program.
We bought and studied a couple bridge books and with some nervousness, we decided to give the 0-99 game at our club a try.
While we were very intimidated initially, with the support of a wonderful director named Joyce Leach, we soon learned the bidding card system, etiquette, and the mysteries of the BridgeMates.
Gradually, we won some fractional master points and took pride as they grew modestly.
We were also fortunate to have The Vero Beach Bridge Center (one of the most active clubs in America!) nearby and soon we were playing 2-3 times a week.
In short, we are hooked and look forward to many years playing this wonderful game!
Best regards,
Allen & Erin Castner