Happy to be a Bronze Life Master – William M Smith.
It’s been 4 years since becoming a Life Master with 304 masterpoints (important to me at the time because my current regular partner had almost 500 before he earned his last sliver of gold points). I just earned the Bronze with 500.12, so I’m very happy.
Getting here hasn’t been without its obstacles. My first “prize” at Bridge. It was payback from a corporate tournament organizer whose “expert” team was demolished by my novice cadre both times we played them. It’s the booby prize since we finished last. The latest involved coordinating a 1/3 mile seawall project to protect homes along the Florida coast, that took me out of Bridge playing for a year.
My key highlights at Bridge include a 73.24% game in a Club Open in January 2012, and a “perfect game” in June 2012 when we matched the par score on the Hand Record on every hand but one. However, on that hand we were in 4D making, when the Hand Record said it only made 1D (that’s perfect enough for me!). This was also in a Club Open game; the only disappointment was our average only hit 71.38%, just under the 72% needed to be immortalized on the Club plaque.
Next was the “yellow gold road” to meet the requirements for Life Master. In 2014 I was lucky to accidentally form a “dream team” that swept the Knockouts in our bracket in two tournaments to surpass the gold point threshold. I cleared the gold point threshold and topped 300 total points during the last session of the second tournament. So now my proudest Bridge trophy was becoming a Life Master.
My experience has been that winning at Bridge requires only two things – a compatible partner and using the same “Bible” (partnership bid and play agreements). Recently achieving Bronze Life Master just adds to the feeling of accomplishment that playing Bride can bring.
William M Smith