Thank you for notification of my new status. Thought I was close but a little short.  I am relatively new at playing duplicate bridge and my points are mainly attributable to the skills of my partner, Linda Jackson. Also, I have learned much from the other players at the Bradenton clubs. They have been both informative and tolerant  despite my inexperience.
As to my background:  Born in 1935. Until last three years, I was a lifetime Pittsburgher except for school years and one year in Washington D.C. Now live full time in Bradenton.  A career lawyer, now retired. A federal prosecutor for 5+ years, a criminal defense lawyer for 5+ decades; an adjunct professor of law for 10 years; a Bar Association President. My private practice  included sports law, mainly representing professional baseball players in salary matters.
I have also served on 2 different school boards, one as President and the other as vice-President. Baseball has been a passion since 1945. Have written one published book and contributed  a chapter to another. Also, hosted a sports radio program in Pittsburgh for 10 years. Involved in youth baseball for 13 years. Always said I was a mediocre lawyer, but one of the greatest little league managers of my time.
A graduate of U. of Pittsburgh (BA) and U. of Pennsylvania Law School.
Married. My Wife, Diane, and I have blended family— 3 living children, 3 grandchildren, one cat.
Samuel Reich